Documentary:  1943, Hitler Orders: Free Mussolini
Copyright 2007 Greg Annussek
As of July of 2009, a production company called SD Cinematografica is developing a 52-minute documentary about Operation Oak entitled 1943, Hitler Orders: Free Mussolini.  The director is Fabio Toncelli and the historical consultant is Italian writer and historian Marco Patricelli, author of the book Liberate Il Duce.  More information is available at the following website:

Here is a description from SD Cinematografica:

"For the first time, unpublished documents and photos reveal the secret of the most daring exploit of all time carried out by special forces: Operation Oak, the liberation of the Duce, Benito Mussolini.

The version of the blitz told by its hero, the SS Captain Otto Skorzeny, has continued to fascinate the general public in books and documentaries up to the present day. But it has one defect: it is completely false.

Why do some people still defend it? What is behind it?

And most of all: who really freed the Duce?

The answer to these questions is more adventurous, compelling and surprising than a novel. But it is the only true answer."

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